Health Coaching


Experience a holistic, all-encompassing approach to health.

Your overall well-being is about much more than the size or shape of your body. In our powerful work together, we’ll explore how movement, nutrition, stress, relationships, and self-talk have combined to create your current level of health.

Then, we’ll address any areas in which you need additional support - to bolster and support your fully balanced, healthy lifestyle.

You’ll gain clarity around your health goals, and we’ll craft a customized lifestyle plan for you to reach them. I provide you with all the tools you need to stay connected to yourself and build awareness toward how to care for yourself in YOUR body.  


15 Minute

Meet & Greet


Feel empowered: mentally, physically and emotionally.

An opportunity to meet in person, video chat or over the phone to establish rapport, and decide if the coaching relationship will be the best decision for you.

45 Minute Sessions


Refine desired feelings, address obstacles and continue to explore modifications for lasting results. 

1 Single Session - 45 minutes : $65




6 weeks of customized lifestyle support.

This includes a 5 sessions that are each  45 minutes over a period of 6 weeks.  

We will dive deep into nutrition, movement, stress relief and self care.  This customized lifestyle support provides continued accountability to overcome barriers and helps to establish long term stability of your desired feelings and goals.

5 sessions - 45 minutes : $300

There are a variety of options for the follow up visits that we will personalize including yoga sessions, meditations, walking visits or video calls.

Still unsure?

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