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Yoga + Wellness Packages

Weekly workshops customized to your needs. Common topics include;

  • Meditation 101 - So I just Sit Here?: Learn to quiet the chatter of your mind and let your true inner wisdom shine through
  • Yoga for Every Body: Appreciate your unique shape without judgment through this gentle yet invigorating practice
  • Functional Nutrition: Understanding Approaches for Using Food as Medicine. Food is fuel, and you’ll learn how to power up your body for maximum efficiency
  • Habits - How to Integrate Health into a Busy Schedule: Balance your busy-ness and find calm in the chaos
  • Movement - Exercise Redefined: Tap into your soul mate workout and make movement a pleasure
  • Self Care for the Overworked: Learn the art of saying no to others and yes to you

Yoga for corporate groups or events.

Engage in a powerful blend of strength-building and stretching in this vinyasa flow class. Soulful melodies increase the mind-body connection and yield greater focus, clarity and productivity in the participants.

Emily’s background in anatomy uniquely positions her to assist each student with proper alignment. Each class allows participants to experience inner wisdom through deep breath work and connection to the whole-hearted self.