My journey from stress to serenity


As a “mixed” kid (I’m half Vietnamese and half Caucasian), I am literally a melange of East and West. I’ve drawn upon these two aspects of my heritage to create a combined approach with traditional and modern medicine. I believe in wholeheartedly embracing your true identity, which for me has meant melding the ancient wisdom of the East with the current insights of the West.

My clients get the benefit from functional medicine practices as I stay curious and explorative in my approach to the techniques and modalities which will best serve them.

My journey to embracing this complete and holistic view of health began when I moved to Los Angeles and found work utilizing my Masters Degree in Physician Assistant Studies. Quite frankly, it was heartbreaking to see patient after patient suffering through preventable disease because of their lifestyle choices. And ironically, my own choice to serve in the traditional medical field was causing me to experience personal stress and burn-out.

As I sat in hours of traffic and worked long hours, I began to see how a new definition of health, one that incorporated both traditional Western medicine, and more innovative forms of movement therapy, was needed to promote balanced, healthy living.

I was seeing 20-30+ patients each day, and the common thread among them ALL was that their joy, energy and zest for life was being depleted and/or destroyed by chronic illness. I sought to be the catalyst for lasting lifestyle change. 


But my 15 minutes with them was insufficient to give them the tools they needed to truly succeed with a new pattern of healthy living.

I immersed myself in LA’s wellness scene and took advantage of all the healthy options which were right at my fingertips! Fresh, organic food - innovative, creative physical activities.  Among all the options, yoga emerged as a beautiful practice that encouraged people to appreciate and enjoy our bodies, even while bombarded with Hollywood’s constant messages and images of “physical perfection” (which, by the way, does not exist).  

Like most women, I battled with unrealistic expectations of what “healthy” meant.  

I eventually relocated to Seattle to be closer to friends and pursue a position as a physician assistant in neurosurgery.  

Working in neurosurgery, I’ve been able to deepen my knowledge and understanding of the nervous system, spinal health, and pathology. I also began working with a revered Naturopath, Dr. Christine Schaffner, administering IV nutritional therapies and soaking up knowledge about naturopathic medicine. Combining that education with the learning I gained while pursuing my yoga teacher training has allowed me to marry my love for movement, meditation and anatomy.

I bring this varied and comprehensive medical background into my health coaching and functional medicine programs, so that each of my clients benefits from a holistic approach to his or her wellness.

My work focuses on your connection with yourself and your deepest desires. From there, we work to combine spiritual, emotional, mental AND physical health for total and complete wellness - which looks different for each and every client.


Professional Bio

Emily Thach supports and assists her clients to embrace total well-being through a unique combination of traditional medicine, anatomy, yoga, meditation and other holistic health modalities. The result is a proactive wellness plan, specifically tailored to the individual’s desire for vibrant health.

Ms. Thach holds a Bachelor's Degree in Athletic Training from the University of Pittsburgh, a Masters of Physician Assistant Studies from Pace University, and is a Board-Certified Athletic Trainer and Physician Assistant. Passionate about both nutrition and movement, Ms. Thach has a certification in nutrition from Precision Nutrition, and 200 hour yoga certification from the 8 Limbs Yoga Centers in Seattle, WA.

She is trained in Functional Medicine from the Institute of Functional Medicine, and in Advanced Functional Nutrition.  Ms. Thach offers her clients a beautifully balanced blend of ancient wisdom and traditional medicine in the health and wellness coaching programs she individually curates.  

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Experience + Certifications

  • University of Pittsburgh, Bachelors in Athletic Training, Certified Athletic Trainer

  • Pace University, Masters of Physician Assistant Studies, Board Certified Physician Assistant

  • Clinical Applications of Mindfulness, UCLA

  • Level 1 Nutrition Certificate, Precision Nutrition

  • 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training, 8 Limbs Yoga Centers

  • Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice, Institute of Functional Medicine

  • Advanced Functional Nutrition Program, Mind Body Green

  • Health Coach Certification, Institute of Functional Medicine Coaching Academy

  • International Standards Training for Classification of Spinal Cord Injury, American Spinal Injury Association

  • Spirit Junkie Master Class Level I, Gabby Bernstein