Live Soul-Deep.


Embrace Lifestyle Medicine to Uplevel Your Health - Body, Mind, Soul + Spirit.


You’re ready to feel at peace with your body.

I’m here to guide you to holistic wellness. With a background in athletic training, yoga, meditation, anatomy and medicine, I’m believe in total wellbeing through simple lifestyle modifications. During our work together, you’ll experience a renewed energy, unhindered body acceptance, and a beautiful sense of balance.



Hi there, I’m Emily.

Welcome to a redefined vision of healthcare.

If you’re seeking a fresh alternative to the reactive approach of modern medicine, what you’ll find here is a proactive wellness plan, tailored specifically to your deepest desires for radiant, vibrant health!

True health is about much more than your physical body. I practice lifestyle medicine with my clients. Together, we’ll explore your health concerns from a holistic perspective. Your soul, spirit, mind, and body are all connected, and so our work together will touch on each of these areas.

Rather than setting goals which are defined by external appearances (like losing a certain number of pounds or inches, or counting calories or macros), we’ll develop your goals based upon the way you desire to feel in your body. When you feel nourished, nurtured, rested and radiant, the “numbers” you need to function at your best follow as a natural consequence.

We will connect you to your best version of yourself - and this begins with defining your desired feelings.

Once we know that, we can map out specific steps to incorporate more of these feelings into your daily life so that they become your new reality. Through my expertise in functional medicine, movement, meditation and mindfulness, you’ll be on the path to a sustainable, healthy lifestyle that fully embodies your truest self.

No more forcing yourself to follow plans that make you feel disconnected from your emotions and deepest values. You’ll reach ideal health when your actions align with your true desires for your life.

This work is powerful, and like all powerful things, may feel uncomfortable at times. But I will be by your side throughout the entire process, encouraging you to check in with your intuition and bring a new lens of awareness to each of your actions. You’ll be rewarded with the ultimate gift of living a life where you feel the way you choose!

To Your Vibrant Health,